Sunday, February 3, 2013

Book Review by Orfhlaith Robin

Nice review from Orfhlaith Robin over at 'Musings of a Young Irish Witch' Blog

Make sure to grab your copies of Lora O'Brien's new book, "A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality: Slí Aon Draoí. This message is especially for my Irish Magick post readers, she gives an excellent workable guide and workbook through which you can develop your Irish connection. 

It's been a long time since I've savoured every word on a page, and it's a welcome change. I too often find myself skimming, however with this book, I find myself terrified that I'll miss something. It's a long awaited book which is well worth the wait! See what I did there?

I'm only on page 133 (yes I looked that up just now), but already I have an urge to run outside, sit beneath a tree, and work my way through the exercises which are presented in a beautiful and easy to follow format. You can order the book here.

I'll know if you don't... Consider it homework! There will be a full and thorough book review coming soon!

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