Friday, October 7, 2011

Woman's Way Magazine

An 800 word feature piece on Irish Piseogs & Superstitions appeared in Woman's Way Magazine, published September 5th, 2011.

First Irish Serial Rights only sold, available for re-print or re-write (extension piece ready - 1200 words).

Sample text:

A group of friends sit around a table. Scratch Scratch Scratch. “Ah, me nose is itchy”, says one. A few light punches are exchanged, and all is well again.

Did you understand this exchange? Do you actually believe that an itchy nose is the sign of an impending fight, and that a mock fight should be carried out to ensure that the bad luck is done with? Do you remember who first told you this was true, or is it something you have picked up, like so many of us, through school yard antics or around the family dinner table - and carried on into adult life?

How many others can you remember, now you’re thinking about it? Itchy palms are a sign of money to come. Itchy knuckles, another fight. Itching on the temples and you’ll soon have cause to weep, while if your eyebrow should need a bit of a scratch, you’ll soon be drinking whiskey. Perhaps those last two are connected.

But it's not all about the itching...