Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Book: Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch

Irish Witchcraft From an Irish Witch is a delightful mixture of academia and accessibility; a book that explores Witchcraft in Ireland: how it was, is, and will be. It succeeds where many books have failed - fulfilling the longing for real Irish Witchcraft, while crafting the delicate balance between learning from the past and weaving a modern system based on truth and respect. Lora O'Brien is a genuine Irish Witch, making no claims of "fraudulent family traditions"- she is simply a woman who walks her path and shares her experiences, working closely with her heritage and land in a contemporary setting.

Irish Witchcraft From an Irish Witch explores the past:

  • Providing an investigation of the Witches' place in Irish mythology.
  • Looking at Witchcraft and magic by examining the customs connected with the Sidhe.
  • Examining historical evidence of the Witch trials that swept across the isle.

And the present and beyond by:

  • Working with Irish deities, landscapes, energies, and antiquities.
  • Examining the wheel of the year, with its festivals, cycles, and seasons of Irish culture.
  • Looking at ritual progression through a Witch's life: magical training, physical growth.
  • Providing alternatives to the traditional stages of a child's life in modern Irish culture.

More details:
Irish Witchcraft From An Irish Witch by Lora O'Brien
Published by Career Press, 2004
ISBN 1564147592, 9781564147592
221 pages

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