Sunday, November 11, 2012

Irish Spirituality

Seo é mo bhealach draíochta, scéal aon bhean-draoí Eireannach

Slí Aon Dhraoí - the way of one user of magic, Druid, seeker of an Irish Journey - but not just my way, not just the way of one of us, this is a way for any one of us.

A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality, the aforementioned 'Second Book', was conceived at Lughnasadh, and written by Samhain (2012).  At times I felt the shape of this book grew all by itself, though the words were mine.  Our Irish community supported me, encouraged me, made suggestions and offered advice.  This is work that needed to be done.

Even if you are not interested in the Celtic World, the symbolism that Irish Spirituality provokes belongs more to the soul than to a culture or race of people. To be inspired, to question yourself as a person and the way of your life, is a must for your personal development.  Irish Spirituality is not a script which demands that you follow a certain pathway; it invokes your conscious thought - allowing you to view life as it could be, not as it is. It does not pressure as some religions do, it does not demand as society does; exploring your Irish Spirituality gives you the space and depth to breathe, in your own time and at your own speed.

I have been told time and again that this is a year of change, of unblocking, of gathering momentum and movement.  Ireland needs change.  Our country needs her people strong, connected, standing together, no matter where your feet happen to be placed right now.  Community strength, from the grassroots up, is essential for our survival, and our children's future in Ireland, and with Ireland.

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