Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Re-write for a Web Site


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John first became interested in complementary healing in the early nineties and studied Shiatsu, a Japanese form of healing.

He later went on to complete a course of study in Aromatherapy massage and Sports Massage and holds diplomas in both.

In the mid nineties, John interrupted his studies in complementary medicine, to work as an aid worker for the Irish Red Cross, in refugee camps in Burundi and Rwanda, and later went on to work in Kyrgystan in Central Asia, developing the state hospital system.

On his return to Ireland, John felt drawn to the spiritual aspects of healing and completed his studies in Reiki healing, becoming a Reiki master. John has always loved animals, and has studied animal healing . He is currently studying Shamanism and Tantra with John Hawken, in Cornwall, England. Member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association.

John was an Officer in the Irish Defence Forces, and saw service as a United Nations peacekeeper in many world trouble spots.

(Recommended Re-write)

What draws a respected military man, an accomplished officer in the Irish Defence Forces, to the world of Spiritual Healing and Complimentary Therapy?

Perhaps his time as a United Nations peace keeper in some of the world’s most unsettled regions have given John Picard his unprecedented insight into how best to soothe your troubled soul. It is certain that his time working with the Irish Red Cross – bringing practical aid to the people of the refugee camps in Burundi and Rwanda, and developing a hospital system in Kyrgystan – has helped to shape this man’s devotion to healing and care.

For more than 15 years, John has applied his innate self-discipline to training and accomplishment in the arts of Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and Sports Massage, Animal Healing, and Reiki. A respected male massage therapist; he is a registered member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association, a recognised Reiki Master, and continues to add to his extensive skill base by studying Shamanism and Tantra with the respected John Hawken.


Re-write provided by Lora O’Brien – 5th April 2010 Email: obrienink@ireland.com

Basic inclusion of Google keywords such as: ‘Spiritual Healing’, ‘Complimentary Therapy’, ‘Reiki’, ‘Reiki Master’, ‘Massage Therapist’, ‘Male Massage’, ‘Irish’, ‘Massage Therapists Association’.

• Also recommended is a specific and highlighted ‘call to action’ for this page (every page!) – e.g. ‘Book your appointment now on…’ or ‘Visit our booking page at…’ etc.


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